Welcome to TDCases

Handcrafted American-Made Custom ATA Flight Cases

Serving The Industry Since 1984

TDCases has Handcrafted 10 of thousands of Custom ATA cases, many of which are still in service after decades of use. Countless cases later and we’re still supplying some of same customers after more than 30 years. What does that tell you?

Lifelong Commitment To Our Customers And The Products We Make

TDCases are designed with quality and durability in mind, built to last a lifetime. All styles, design and customization options greatly exceed ATA standards.

Handcrafted Customization With Each Case

We offer flexibility in creating a case to meet every want and need. Many options are available, from drawers to removable floors, multi-compartments to fully swing-back doors and double hinged lids, plus many other unique features.


Unparalleled Quality

Our Handcrafted ATA Cases ensure the Ultimate level of protection for your equipment. TDCases are engineered to provide lifelong service to our customers.TDCases are American made and have traveled worldwide since 1984.

We are an Investment

When you purchase a Case from TDCases, you’re not only purchasing an incredibly durable ATA Flight case, you’re investing in yourself and putting your money to work with each use. Thousands of our earliest cases are in service today, still earning customers a return on their investment 20 plus years after purchase.

Innovation that Works

Our cases can be custom ordered to accommodate your requirements. Custom dividers, drawers, shelves, lid options, coat hangers, electrical portals, lockboxes, we offer hundreds of options.  All products exceed ATA 300 Standards.


  • Here at TDCases we offer Custom, Handcrafted ATA Cases purpose built to any specification, no matter how unique or standard the design.
  • Every Case we create meets and exceeds ATA Standards, regardless of customization. We are able to implement any design, specification, modification and option required by our customers.
  • We believe in utilizing top grade materials in every aspect of construction, from Impact Resistant laminated plywood, Zinc Coated hardware, Oversized Aluminum componentes and as always, our products are Handcrafted, right here in the USA. 

Tray Cases

Dozens of Drawers Available

Lock-Box Drawers Optional

3/8″ or 1/2″ Furniture Grade Ward Plywood

Steel Recess Spring Loaded Handle Grips

Table Lids Available

Trunk Cases

Heavy Duty Construction

Custom Foam Inserts Available

Screen Printing Optional

Hinge or Lift Off Lid

Custom Internal Dividers Combinations

Rack Cases

Standad Rack Depth Ranges Between 6″-30″

Standard Depths Range 16″-26″

Standard Rack Height Space Increments of 1.75″

Full Selection of Panels, Drawers, Vents & Shelves