Handcrafted Custom ATA Cases

At TDCases we pride ourselves on being able to fabricate handcrafted cases of every size, style and unique specification. All cases meet and exceed ATA 300 standards.

A TDCase is your insurance that your equipment is going to function properly when you need it. No type of written paper insurance can give you that.

TDCases has produced thousands of custom cases, many of  which are still in use after decades of service. Thousands of TDCases still earning a return on their owners investment.

Through constant new product development, our customers have benefited from a plethora of hundreds of custom case innovations and options, that can be fully customized to fit your needs.

TDCases understands that shipping needs vary, so custom ATA cases are manufactured to exact specifications. Our ATA case technical designers utilize a comprehensive list of materials and options so you will have the best ATA case to protect and transport your equipment. Once your order is placed, your ATA case project goes to our on-site manufacturing facility to begin constructing your ATA case.

TDCases Usages:

Rack Cases | Tilt & Pull Cases | A/V Production | Theatrical Lighting | Musical Equipment Cases | Display-Trade Show Cases | Athletic-Sports Cases | Computer-Control Cases | Audio Visual-Big Screen TV Cases | Medical-Trauma | Military-Government Cases | Mobile Office-Touring | Broadcasting-Film Cases | Field Test Equipment | Computer-Control Cases | Electronic Device Cases


TDCase Expertise

30+ years In The Industry

Supplying Cases To Customers Throughout

Hundreds of Available Variations

Each Case is Hand Crafted

Thousands of TDCases In Use Today

Complete Customization / ZERO Sacrifice Of Quality


TDCase Materials

38″ or 12″ 

Water Resistant ABS Plastic Laminated To High Grade Plywood

Recessed Steel Hardware

Aluminum Tongue And Groove Seam Moulding

Heavy Duty Steel Ball Corners

Edge Caster Wheels

Heavy Duty 1″x4″  or 2″x4″ Colson Casters


TDCase Options

Drawers, Shelves & Dividers

Tilt-And-Pull Handles 

Various Foam & Carpet Linings


Stacking Devices

Secure Safety With Pad Locking Rec. Latches

Trunk Cases


Rack Cases


Tray Cases


A/V Cases